While organizing the conference it is worth remembering that the success of the event is determined by its participants. However, in order for everything to run smoothly, no important issue should be omitted.

Sometimes even what seems to be a trifle may be the decisive factor in the satisfaction of one of the guests. Therefore, it is worthwhile to prepare a professional and detailed conference schedule in advance. Thanks to it, we will be sure that we will be able to make sure that we will be able to do everything on time.

Choice of place for the conference

First of all, we need to prepare a list of conference facilities that meet the conditions of our event. We should take into account the expected number of participants and the duration of the event. These are the basic guidelines, which allow us to distinguish a location that is quite large and has free dates.

Let’s decide on the equipment that is necessary to make everything run on a high technical level. If we need a screen, projector or lectern, make sure that the conference room is equipped with them and that there is an additional fee for them. It is also worth considering whether catering will be required. This is the initial stage of preparation, but we need to have an overview of the event to know what we should be looking for.

After checking the offer and choosing the best venue, it is best to make a reservation and make an appointment to sign a contract immediately. Usually a date is set within the next month. It is worth noting that during the conference season making a reservation three months in advance may not be enough. With really big events, planning should start even half a year or a year before.

Set a budget for the conference

After booking the conference room, we need to establish the complete budget of the event. We already know the most important cost estimate, that is the price of space and catering. When we have to look for an external catering company, we should also take into account the price of possible waiter service.

We need to talk to the speakers, professors, trainers, coaches and sign appropriate agreements with the due fee. When planning additional attractions, we must also pay the artists. In case of a few days of business events, an overnight stay will be necessary. It may be in the same place as the conference or in a friendly hotel. If we associate members of our company from different cities, it is necessary to provide them with access by hired coaches.

Provide the substantive and visual setting

Slowly, the whole conference is already emerging, so it is now necessary to ensure its proper setting. Let’s have the visual identity of the event designed. We need to have a recognizable logotype, invitations for the participants, promotional posters and badges for those taking part in the meeting.

Throughout the whole planning process, it is worth to maintain constant contact with the media. Let’s confirm the list of speakers and set the order of their appearance. Appropriate names on banner ads always attract a larger number of participants, so it is worth making a careful decision and establish an unconventional, yet important for the industry.

Specify the rules of registration

With the sending of invitations to the conference, we should start the registration system. You can use the website dedicated to the event for this purpose. Additionally, it has an advertising and informational role. We provide there a detailed plan of the program, including the individual hours and the price of tickets.

It is also worth to specify the number of parking spaces in the area, transfer points and the location of individual entrances. In this way, we will ensure easier movement of guests. In addition, you can also inform about the organizational activities undertaken on an ongoing basis. The limit of places for the conference is always determined by the possibilities of location in the conference room.

Schedule conference details

When there is one month left to the event, you can re-invite people who have received them before, but have not given a certain answer. Make sure that everything goes well with subcontractors. You can create a supplementary plan for conference participants.

These are usually sports attractions, theater performances or team building events. We must also remember to order office and promotional materials, such as: folders, pens and small gifts. Summary questionnaires should be prepared and printed, which will allow us to gather opinions from participants about the event.

As the conference date approaches, let’s check the room and equipment. At the same time, it is worth checking access to electrical sockets, the quality of toilets and checkrooms. A week or two before the event, we should re-inform the press and send reminders to guests.